Schumer Will Filibuster Same Wall He Supported in 2006

Schumer Will Filibuster Same Wall He Supported in 2006

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has reportedly signaled his intention to pursue a filibuster to prevent President Donald Trump’s border wall proposal from passing the Senate.

There’s just one minor problem with this plan — it’s phonier than a three-dollar bill.

The truth that Schumer prefers nobody know is that 11 years ago, the then-plain ol’ New York senator voted in favor of an equivalent bill, the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which created the “legal mechanism” on which Trump’s executive order was based.

That bill, which was signed into law by then-President George W. Bush, authorized the construction of 700 miles of fencing along the southern border. And again, Schumer voted for it:

According to The Boston Globe, Trump’s current proposal was based on this very bill that Schumer voted for, in that the 2006 bill served as “the legal mechanism (or foundation) for Trump to order construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico.”

Checkmate, Mr. Schumer.

Without the support of Schumer and his peers in Congress 11 years ago — including then-Sens. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, to name a few — Trump would not even have the authority needed to move forward with his wall.

So why then are Schumer and his Democrat peers opposing Trump’s proposal? Because it helps them with their moral preening, which they use to buoy their fake narrative about Republicans hating brown-skinned minorities.

In fact, its the Democrats who are duplicitous hypocrites prioritizing political posturing over consistency and integrity. There is nothing dignified about changing one’s position just to score political points.

But “dignified” isn’t a word we would use to describe Chuck Schumer very often anyway.

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