School Sends Girl Home Because of “Revealing” Outfit… Do You See the Problem?

School Sends Girl Home Because of Revealing Outfit Do You See the Problem

After a Kentucky schoolgirl was sent home for wearing an allegedly “inappropriate” outfit, she posted a picture of the outfit to Reddit and discovered that the vast majority of sane Americans saw nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

According to the Woodford County High School girl, her principal told her that she had to cover up her collarbone because it was distracting to male students.

Her mother then rushed to the school to provide her with a scarf that covered 95% of her chest and neck. Despite this, the teen still got sent home.

Teen Sent Home Original 1

This pleased neither the teen nor her mother, so they then took to Reddit to gauge the nation’s response, and not surprisingly, most users found the school’s dress policy to be absurd.

Inspired by this show of support, the mother/daughter duo then launched a petition to have Woodford County High’s 11-year-old dress code changed.

“This is ridiculous!” one of the petition’s supporters wrote. “Parents are being called away from important jobs, and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones!”

“Showing your collar bone shouldn’t be a dress code violation,” wrote another supporter.

Covered Teen Sent Home Original

Over 3,500 supporters had signed the petition by Monday (H/T Mad World News).

While we recognize that rules are rules, mindless obedience to arbitrary rules can lead to absurd outcomes, and a situation where teenage girls are banned from showing their collarbones certainly seems like an absurd outcome.

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