School Drops Michelle O’s Lunch Rules Like a Hot Potato


First lady Michelle Obama’s socialist scheme to control the lunches of low-income students has failed in at least one New Mexico community.

As reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican, the public Monte del Sol Charter School has been forced to drop the contentious program because of financial concerns.

“We receive $3.00 from the federal government for each free lunch that we serve,” school principal Robert Jessen reportedly informed parents in an email last month. “However, it costs more to serve that lunch. For the last several years the school has been able to pay the difference, but this year we cannot.”

Specifically, it was costing the school $40,000 annually, at a minimum, to feed its low-income students in accordance with the dictates of Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

Jessen said that the school used to offer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to low-income student, prior to joining the federal school lunch program, KOB reported. Now he’s looking to parents for a new solution.

“We are trying to come up with creative ideas to assist those for whom this will be difficult,” he wrote to parents. “If any of you have some good ideas, please let me know.”

“It might create a small hardship,” Jessen said, but “there’s also good, old-fashioned sack lunches.”

You can watch local coverage here:

And there is the additional fact that while socialism never works, innovation often does. Consider the innovation of Susan Lumley, the principal of the Academy for Technology and the Classics, also located in Santa Fe.

Instead of signing up for Obama’s lunch program, Lumley reportedly chose to sign a contract with Real Burger authorizing the company to cater her school’s lunches at rates of $5 apiece for regular students and $2 apiece for low-income students.

“We’ve had no complaints whatsoever,” she said. What a brilliant leader, obviously light years ahead of the outgoing first lady when it comes to solving problems.

As for Obama, she thankfully was on her way out the door. And according to reports, so were her dreaded lunch rules.

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