School Bans Christmas And Santa In Disgusting Move


The Hillsboro School District school caught some flack recently when word got out that it was banning Santa this year.

However, administrators at the Oregon school said the public’s reaction to a memo it sent out to its staff was overblown and attempted to clarify the matter.

The issue began after the school district sent a memo to its staff explaining the school would not be having its annual door decorating contest. The memo explained that due to the “unintended consequence” of discomfort that several staff members and community visitors felt because of Christmas decorations, the activity would be canceled.

The memo urged staff members to “be respectful and sensitive to the diverse perspectives and beliefs of our community and refrain from using religious-themed decorations or images like Santa Claus,” KGW-TV reported.

For many people, telling them to refrain from doing something generally means to stop doing it. So it’s no surprise that when a copy of the memo leaked to the public, the school district found itself in hot water.

Administrators quickly addressed the matter on the school’s website, claiming the matter was being misrepresented by the media.

They did however, add that they reminded staff that they needed “to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for all of our students” because many of them aren’t “comfortable participating in activities that are holiday-based or religious in nature, or being surrounded by imagery that is a direct affront to them.”

The school’s reaction was nonsensical because only liberals looking for anything that triggers their sensibilities could be offended by something as innocent as Santa Claus.

It sounds like the school administrators were pulling a Hillary Clinton and telling people on both sides of the issue what they wanted to hear.

Whether or not the school district intended to quietly ban Santa and other Christmas imagery from the school may never be known. However, it is clear that it is working to generate a liberal-driven atmosphere that is all-inclusive, which always means stepping on some of the most popular traditions in American culture.

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