School Asks Her to Introduce Soldier. Has No Idea It’s Dad She Hasn’t Seen in Year and a Half


Jason Michael Webb has done his duty as a combat medic. He is a 15-year Veteran and has been deployed overseas for much of that time.

In fact, he was deployed when his daughter Haley was born. She has had to grow up knowing her dad is “out there” serving his country.

Haley is now a teenager and student at Bingham Middle School in Independence, Missouri. She has not seen her father in over a year and a half.

That is about to change. The reunion is about to happen in front of her whole school during their Veteran’s Day assembly.

Haley has absolutely no idea who she’s about to see. She was simply asked to read an introduction biography pertaining to a very special guest.

After her band performance, she starts the intro. About halfway through, she is starting to catch on — and then, the special guest comes out.

It’s a wonderful thing when the tears of joy begin to roll. You will not see more authentic hugs anywhere.

Haley describes it well when she says “I’m just so happy, Christmas came early.”

Even though dad Jason has made a great sacrifice, he is quick to point out “Haley has gone through tons of sacrifice.” This sacrifice is something many people never realize unless they have or have had a loved one in the military, too.

The families and loved ones of those serving and deployed contribute so much to our nation’s strength. They are the force behind the force.

The newscasters admittedly got a bit choked up by the wonderful event. Who could blame them? It’s difficult not to become emotional over such a beautiful, heartfelt reunion.

Even though modern times allow for better communication with home than in the past, there is nothing like being able to hold a loved one in your arms. For that moment, you’re positive that person is totally safe. You don’t have to worry, you don’t have to wonder: the truth is pressed against your heart.

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