Satanic Display Found Next to Nativity Scene Has Locals Furious


Some Boca Raton, Florida, residents were understandably angry after what they discovered just a few feet away from a nativity scene.

It was another kind of display — one that contained a 300-pound, 20-foot pentagram that read, “In Satan we trust” and another sign that read, “Celebrate Winter Solstice,” as well as, “Hail Satan, Not Gods,” reported WPLG.

The displays are in the middle of Sanborn Square, where people in the community were accustomed to seeing a nativity scene but not pentagrams.

The display, which also included a picture of Satan, was vandalized with spray paint Tuesday night.

WSVN reported that John Preston Smith, a teacher at Boca High School, was responsible for the display that caused such a stir.

He said he had planned to restore the display. He told WSVN that he was not a satanist but that he was working with the Freedom From Religion Foundation to see all religious displays removed from the public eye.

Putting up an offensive display to bring attention to something he doesn’t even believe in is ridiculous. One would think he had better things to do, but apparently not.

“We will drag them into the new century, kicking and screaming the whole way,” Smith said. “We’re ready to make this a yearly tradition.”


Boca Raton’s Interfaith Community Clergy protested the display by placing a banner near it that claimed the use of satanic symbols was offensive and harmful to the community. They also called the display a “hypocritical way to advocate for freedom from religion.”

WPEC reported the pentagram won’t be removed anytime soon, as it was placed on government property in a “free speech zone.”

It truly is shameful that some people must ruin the joyous experiences of Christmas with pentagrams and images of Satan.

People like Smith spend an inordinate amount of time spouting off about freedom from religion as if others’ beliefs somehow hurt them. It’s pitiful they feel so compelled to ruin Christian holidays, but sadly it’s not surprising, as the left continues to wage war on Christ and Christmas.

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