San Francisco Files Lawsuit Against Trump Admin, Risks Losing $1.2 Billion in Fed Funds

San Francisco Files Lawsuit Against Trump Admin Risks Losing 1 2 Billion in Fed Funds

San Francisco has filed a lawsuit over President Donald Trump’s executive order that directs the federal government to cut funding from sanctuary cities that refuse to fully cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agents.

Weirdly enough, according to USA Today, the argument is that the president doesn’t respect the rule of law, and the city should be left alone to … ignore immigration laws.

“This is not a step I take lightly,” said City Attorney Dennis Herrera, according to The Sacramento Bee, “but it’s one that is necessary to defend the people of this city, this state and this country from the overreach of a president who has shown little respect for our Constitution, states’ rights or the rule of law.

“The president’s executive order is not only unconstitutional, it’s un-American,” Herrera continued.

Apparently, Herrera has decided that following the law is now an un-American enterprise.

“That is why we must stand up and oppose it. We are a nation of immigrants and a land of laws.

“We must be the ‘guardians of our democracy’ that President Obama urged us all to be in his farewell address,” he also said, according to USA Today.

It’s hard to believe that California is a “land of laws” when state Senate Democrats just advanced a law to make the entire state a haven for illegal immigrants. The Senate Public Safety Committee voted Tuesday — along party lines — to “prohibit state and local law enforcement from cooperating with customs agents,” Fox News reported.

Just to make it crystal clear how little regard for the law Golden State Democrats have, Democrat Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon stated: “We want to make sure that police officers don’t abandon their beat and go enforce immigration laws,” according to Fox.

San Francisco currently receives about $1.2 billion annually in federal funding, according to Fox News. That money could well be at risk if the courts uphold Trump’s power to withhold federal funding from scofflaw cities, meaning San Francisco could be paying dearly for its defiance.

It was the prospect of losing $333 million federal funding that made Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giminez reverse course for Florida’s largest city and begin cooperating with immigration authorities when it comes to illegal aliens who end up in the Miami-Dade court system.

San Francisco officials, who have a lot more to lose, might want to think about that.

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