Samsung May Be Moving 500 Jobs from Mexico to The United States

Samsung May Be Moving 500 Jobs from Mexico to The United States

President Donald Trump has been taking action over the past two months to make it easier for businesses to thrive in America, and businesses are loving it.

On Wednesday, Samsung Electronics Co. became the latest company to indicate that Trump’s pro-business attitudes have convinced it to invest heavily in America, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The South Korean electronics giant is reportedly planning to invest $300 million in the United States, and is currently in talks to move 500 jobs from Mexico to the United States.

CNBC noted that no final decision had been made, though Samsung’s willingness to consider investing in America was due to Trump’s remarks about regulations and taxes. The president has been critical of large companies that manufacture goods outside the U.S. for American consumers, and has threatened to impose import taxes on those goods.

Samsung’s investment in America would likely come in the form of a manufacturing facility for home appliances, though the final details still have yet to be worked out, Reuters reported.

Even before Trump took the oath of office, businesses were pledging to invest millions (or in some cases billions) in the United States, driven both by a desire to get on Trump’s good side and by the positive press that usually followed those types of announcements.

Trump has frequently lashed out on Twitter at companies that move jobs outside the U.S. As president, Trump has met with dozens of large and small business from all over America to get their input on how to make business in America great again.

Trump’s promises to restart the American economy and bring jobs back to this country were often met with skepticism on the campaign trail, but he has shown over the past few months that he can do it.

There is little doubt that even more jobs will come back to America over the next four (or eight) years, thanks to Trump’s pro-business practices.

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