Sales Ladies Embarrass Needy Mom, Then She Hears a Voice From Behind the Counter…

Sales Ladies Embarrass Needy Mom Then She Hears a Voice From Behind the Counter

When needy mom Katy Leigh recently stepped up to a cashier’s counter at a Payless ShoeSource in Connecticut to purchase snow boots for her little daughter Ava, the ladies who had been assisting her decided to retrieve a pair of socks for her as well.

This put Leigh in quite the embarrassing predicament, as the boots Ava had chosen were in themselves already way over her mother’s budget.

But then something unreal happened.

“These wonder amazing employees of yours told me they were paying for kids boots and socks, that I had enough to worry about, and to use money for the kids and food,” Leigh explained in a post she made on Payless ShoeSource’s Facebook page.

And when she wrote “kids,” she meant both Ava and Adam, her son. He too was present, and she had wanted to get him snow boots as well, but she decided to forego that once she realized how expensive Ava’s boots would be.

“Ava picked a pair of really treaded waterproof cloth lined $44 Frozen boots,” she wrote. “i became pretty tearful as the ladies began putting their heads together about coupons and how to get price down, and I said I could come back tomorrow and get Andy’s also.”

Luckily for her, the amazing ladies at this particular Payless ShoeSource refused to allow that to happen and decided to pay for everything the needy mom needed.

“I have been pretty down lately and this act of kindness is so amazing and uplifting to me,” Leigh also wrote. “I am so grateful and wanted to say a big thank you and hope you have some sort of employee recognition program.”

The post had already accumulated over 2,500 likes and 450 shares by Wednesday morning, so we are confident that the amazing ladies who helped Miss Leigh will get the recognition they deserve.

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