Sabotage of The White House Caused by Obama Administration Loyalists

Sabotage of The White House Caused by Obama Administration Loyalists

Call it “The Obama Effect.” Former President Barack Obama left “tripwires” — White House staff carefully put in place to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency. People working inside the White House are there to hamstring Trump’s agenda and dismantle the new administration.

White House insiders have revealed to the media their frustration in dealing with loyalist holdovers who leak information, provide misinformation to the media to discredit the president and even alter documents to reflect more “Obama-friendly” language, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

“We have members of the former administration at the highest levels who through their actions after Jan. 20 have demonstrated their refusal to recognize the results of the general election. They have pursued, organized and managed a comprehensive subversion of the new administration,” a White House official said.

This isn’t new to the media and other political insiders. It’s known that the Obama administration was frantically laying “bread crumbs” in the weeks before Trump’s inauguration, according to The New York Times.

Certain officials spread rumors and disinformation about possible contacts between associates of then-President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russians.

Here’s something to chew on: Why does Obama care so much about Trump’s presidency? Does he want to throw so many wrenches in the works that we’ll be begging him to run again in four years?

In an unprecedented political move, Obama has been openly active in organizations determined to create a “shadow presidency” and has had the gall to say he is “heartened” by anti-Trump protests, according to the New York Post.

We all know that even the best politics involves back-room deals and mutual back-scratching. Corruption, collusion and conspiracy are a different matter, and the White House, which should be a benign symbol for all Americans, should be above that.

President Trump needs to make getting these people completely out of government one of his top priorities. Otherwise the same problems of leaks and lies will continue.

We can’t let Barack Obama and his surrogates get away with it.

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