Russian Spy Ship Returns to Coast Near US Sub Base

Russian Spy Ship Returns to Coast Near US Sub Base

It’s back! A Russia spy ship was sighted off the United States coast again, this time near the Navy submarine base at Kings Bay, Georgia.

According to CBS News, the sighting reported Wednesday was just one month after a Russian spy ship was sighted off the coast of Delaware and Connecticut. At one point, the ship came a mere 17 miles from the U.S. coast.

While this should be concerning to most Americans, what was perhaps even more worrisome was what the ship was said to be carrying.

Townhall reported that the Russian ship was armed with surface-to-air missiles as well as highly advanced spyware and intelligence gathering devices.

According to CNN, the United States Navy concluded that the ship was carrying out a “mock attack” on an American ship.

When President Donald Trump was asked about the first sighting of the spy ship back in February, he said the actions taken by Russia were “not good.”

The president was then asked if the incident hurt relations between the two countries, to which the President Trump responded: “No, we’ll see what happens.”

Later, when asked if he would take action against the Russians based on their actions, Trump said: “The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles offshore right out of the water. Everyone in this country is going to say ‘Oh, it’s so great!’ That’s not great. That’s not great.”

The ship presence off the U.S. coast has been part of a series of Russian encounters with American Navy vessels in recent months.

During a Feb. 16 news conference, Trump addressed the issue handily. Check out the questioning from CBS’s Major Garrett starting just after the 1:20 mark:

Note, Trump didn’t answer Garrett’s question about whether he planned a response to these “particular provocations.”

“I don’t talk about military response,” he said.

That’s probably the best answer he could have given to American reporters. The real answer is for the Russians, and they will likely learn it soon enough.

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