Russian Hacking Inquiry Witnesses Come From DNC-Linked Company

Russian Hacking Inquiry Witnesses Come From DNC-Linked Company

The House Intelligence Committee was to hold its first public hearing later this month on allegations that the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election, but there was just one problem: The fix was in.

According to Breitbart, the committee’s initial witness list cited only two technical experts, both of whom were representatives for the cybersecurity technology firm CrowdStrike — which, lo and behold, had direct ties to the Democrat National Committee.

Last year, the DNC hired CrowdStrike to investigate the breaches of its servers, according to Wired magazine. The firm’s findings wound up becoming the foundation for the left’s whole “Russians hacked the election” mantra.

In fact, CrowdStrike’s findings eventually made their way into “Grizzly Steppe,” a joint FBI/DHS report that laid all the blame for the DNC’s notorious server hacks on the evil Russians. Though considered irrefutable by the left, the report attracted mass criticism from a number of other tech experts, according to Breitbart.

The report “adds nothing to the call for evidence that the Russian government was responsible for hacking the DNC, the DCCC, the email accounts of Democratic party officials, or for delivering the content of those hacks to Wikileaks,” cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Carr wrote for Medium a couple days after the report’s publication last December.

The report was so bad that cybersecurity companies felt compelled to advise any of their clients who read it not to follow its instructions regarding how to detect potential Russian hackers on their own networks.

“We are advising customers not to directly use the Grizzly Steppe indicators as doing so would generate significant false positives for network defenders,” Christopher Porter, manager of threat intelligence for the cybersecurity firm FireEye, told CyberScoop at the time.

CrowdStrike was therefore clearly unreliable, and yet the House Select Committee chose to rely on only its findings during its upcoming hearing over the Russian hacking allegations.

To make matters worse, the firm also had ties to one of former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s most high-profile backers — Google.

“In 2015, CrowdStrike raised $100 million in a new round of financing, according to The New York Times, which reported that ‘the investment was led by Google Capital, one of the technology giant’s venture capital arms, in its first cybersecurity deal,’” Breitbart noted.

But again, only representatives from this biased and seemingly unimpressive cybersecurity firm were selected to participate in this month’s hearing.

It seems rather odd, does it not?

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