Russia Humiliates Obama With “Lame Duck” Pic After U.S. Sanctions


The Russian embassy in the United Kingdom responded to President Barack Obama’s sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S. with a post to social media on Thursday that no doubt left the president embarrassed.

The post to Twitter said that the expulsion as a “Cold War deja vu,” and that everybody, including Americans, would be glad to see the end of his “hapless” administration.

The tweet was also accompanied by a picture of a baby duck with the word “LAME” superimposed over it.

Talk about humiliating. Take a look:

The sanctions were in retaliation for Russian intelligence allegedly interfering with the presidential election with the release of emails that were hacked from the Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

The sad thing about the embassy’s tweet is the fact that it echoes how many people feel about the president and his hapless administration. Obama has more than once embarrassed the U.S. on the world stage, and the embassy’s tweet did nothing but mock the president.

We’re no particular fans of Russia or Vladimir Putin, but it’s hard not to agree with their assessment of our weak commander in chief.

Not that Obama cares. Obama has always done what he has wanted to, regardless of the consequences or how it makes the U.S. look. Unfortunately, that means Obama has been mocked for some time.

No U.S. president should ever be mocked, and the fact that Russia, or any country for that matter, feels as though it can openly mock the president without consequence is bad any way you look at it. The fact that they’re right just makes it worse.

Obama has weakened the image of our country in so many ways that it’s no wonder that many Americans can’t wait to see him leave the White House in a few short weeks.

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