She RUSHES to ER When Husband Has Heart Attack. But Then Doctor Says He Arrived with Strange Woman

She RUSHES to ER When Husband Has Heart Attack But Then Doctor Says He Arrived with Strange Woman

Amy Rodriguez found herself driving on the interstate behind a car moving in an unsafe manner. The man behind the wheel who was driving erratically was Alan Winn.

Winn, a husband and father of four, was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He was not asleep at the wheel either.

Winn was suffering from a heart attack while driving down the interstate. Once he began experiencing sudden chest pains, he knew something was seriously wrong.

Despite his inability to have complete control over his driving in the moment, he instinctively knew that he at least needed to pull over and stop the car. Rodriguez could have protected herself by steering clear of Winn’s car and continuing on her way.

Thankfully, she listened to her own instincts as well. She felt the tug to pull over behind the car that had suddenly stopped after driving in such a suspicious manner.

She risked her own well-being when she got out of her car to approach Winn’s vehicle. She then saw that Winn was slouched over the steering wheel and unconscious.

She was on the phone with 911 and remained with the stranger until help arrived. Her keen observation that something was wrong, her unwillingness to ignore the situation, and her timely call saved Winn’s life.

Every minute counts when it comes to a heart attack suffer getting medical attention. When Winn’s wife, Joy Winn, learned about the angel looking out for her husband, she could not be more grateful.

Joy Winn commented, “He would not be here today if she hadn’t decided it was important to stop and see if he was OK. And she immediately called 911 and they were there within five or six minutes.”

The Winn family desperately wanted to contact the unknown woman who saved Winn’s life, but the police would not disclose the personal information of Rodriguez. Joy turned to Facebook which ended up being a successful avenue for locating Rodriguez!

Rodriguez was just as happy to get the chance to meet with Alan Winn and his family. She had been wondering what happened to the man she assisted on the interstate on that unforgettable day.

It was an emotional introduction as the Winn family came face-to-face with who they consider to be an angel. They now consider her an honorary family member, too!

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