Rush Reveals What He Thinks Obama Is Planning for Trump Admin

Rush Reveals What He Thinks Obama Is Planning for Trump Admin

Conservative media giant Rush Limbaugh told listeners this week that there’s a major story in politics right now — but it’s not Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reported contact with the Russians.

It’s former President Barack Obama trying to sabotage the presidency of his successor, President Donald Trump.

In a transcript published March 2, Limbaugh said of the Sessions “scandal”: “Don’t get sucked into this. The story is Valerie Jarrett moving into the Obama family home.”

Apparently Jarrett, formerly an adviser to Obama, moving in indicates an underhanded maneuver by the Democrat messiah, at least in Limbaugh’s view.

“There’s a story here is about how Obama and his people are running the resistance operation from that home, and that’s why she’s moved in,” he said.

“The story here is the Democrat Party being blown out of the water in election after election after election. The story here is Barack Obama’s agenda has been totally reputed (sic) by the American people. It has been rejected in 2010. It was rejected in 2012. It was rejected in 2016. It was sent packing,” he said.

He’s right, too. Obama’s agenda was a categorical failure, and Obama’s mad about it.

“The story here is that Barack Obama is humiliated and angry and embarrassed that his effort to transform the United States of America into some kind of socialist paradise has been interrupted, that he was the architect of the Democrat Party defeat,” Limbaugh said. “And that cannot stand for the history books!”

“And so this story is all about the Democrat Party trying to rewrite history and make it look like they actually won were it not for the cheating of the Russians and Trump,” he added.

Of course they’re the “legitimate” winners. They had to have been cheated, right? How else could America have rejected socialism?

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