Rumors Swirl on Hill of Kelly Ayotte in the Running for Trump’s Sec. of Defense


President-elect Donald Trump has been working furiously since the day he won the election to find names for the roughly 3,000 positions that need to be filled (or at least have people lined up to be appointed) by Inauguration Day in January.

On Sunday, Trump announced that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus would be his chief of staff. Now that that position is filled, the next-most important one is secretary of defense, and Trump is reportedly vetting a shocking candidate for the seat, The Washington Post reported.

Outgoing New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte is reportedly being considered by the Trump campaign for the secretary of defense position — a move that has shocked many political observers.

Ayotte was hesitant to support Trump throughout his campaign (a move that probably cost her the election), and she has a much more hawkish view of foreign policy than Trump does.

“She’s viewed as being in the mainstream of conservative Republican foreign policy,” one anonymous GOP official told the newspaper. “She would be a defense secretary in the mold of John McCain or Lindsey Graham, and if that’s what Donald Trump is looking for, that’s what he’s going to get.”

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and its Homeland Security Committee, Ayotte knows her stuff when it comes to national security, and she would be a smart pick for Trump. While they may not see eye to eye on every issue, having someone with experience usually makes the job easier..

Throughout the campaign, Trump was frequently at odds with the Republican Party when it came to defense. Picking Ayotte would send a signal that Trump is willing to work with his fellow Republicans to ensure that America is safe.

Such a move would also show that Trump isn’t going to hold a grudge against those who were less than supportive of him during his campaign if they can help this country.

There are many other names that are being considered for secretary of defense, and it’s possible that Ayotte won’t get picked. However, we are confident that whoever Trump picks will be an experienced individual who deeply loves this country and wants to keep it safe.

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