Roe From “Roe v Wade” Revealed Devastating Truth About Abortion Before She Died

Roe From Roe v Wade Revealed Devastating Truth About Abortion Before She Died

Prior to dying of heart failure Saturday, the woman once known as “Jane Roe” — of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision made 44 years ago by the Supreme Court — went public with a series of astonishing admissions about both her past and her legacy as an abortion rights heroine.

Upon knowing God, I realized that my case, which legalized abortion on demand, was the biggest mistake of my life,” Norma Leah McCorvey said in a television ad aired in 2008, referring to her decision in the 1990s to become a Christian.

“You see, abortion has eliminated 50 million innocent babies in the U.S. alone since 1973. Abortion scars an untold number of post-abortive mothers and fathers and families, too,” she said.


The mistake she made was, in fact, multi-pronged.

First, according to a 1987 report from The Washington Post, she had not been raped, as she had claimed years ago in an attempt to be granted an abortion. It was only after her doctor denied her request for an abortion, despite this claim, that she grew “bitter, very bitter,” and allowed her attorneys to bring the lawsuit that ultimately went to the Supreme Court.

And therein lay the second part of the mistake. Speaking with The New York Times in 1994, McCorvey described in vivid detail how her attorneys Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington had exploited her frustration to move forward with their own pro-abortion agenda.

“(Weddington) saw these cuts on my wrists, my swollen eyes from crying — the miserable person sitting across from her, and she knew she had a patsy,” McCorvey revealed. “She knew I wouldn’t go outside of the realm of her and (Coffee). I was too scared. It was one of the most hideous times of my life.”

While delivering testimony in 2005 before a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, McCorvey doubled down on this sentiment, saying bluntly that she had been “used and abused by the court system in America” to help bring “destruction to me and millions of women throughout the nation,” according to The Daily Signal.

Moreover, and this is key, she never even had an abortion. By the time the Supreme Court issued its decision in 1973, her child had already been born and adopted.

Her entire case had been based on lies built upon lies. It was all a sham — one that has done immeasurable damage to American society.

By the time of McCorvey’s death last week at the age of 69, she had already realized these things, of course, but by then it was too late — her name, her life and her suffering had already all been co-opted by the cold-hearted butchers of the left to serve as their inspiration.

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