Rob Schneider Roasts Dems With Fiery Tweet

Rob Schneider Roasts Dems With Fiery Tweet

In one fell swoop, comedian Rob Schenider effectively triggered millions of liberal Democrats Wednesday by dropping what may perhaps be the biggest truth bomb ever shared on Twitter.

“2010 Dems lost the House,” the tweet began. “2012 Dems lost the Senate. 2016 Dems lost the White House. 2017 Dems lost ability to reason.”

“It’s not Russia,” he added, “it’s YOU.”

Ain’t that the truth, Ruth.

The moment former President Barack Hussein Obama stepped into the White House eight years ago, the Democrats arrogantly donned an attitude of superiority, falsely believing that the election of America’s first black president — his ties to radicalism notwithstanding — would usher in an inexorable age of liberalism.

By 2010, it was clear that the Democrats had erred in their judgment. As reported by Fox News shortly after the midterm elections that year, “(T)he Republican Party sailed into the majority in the House of Representatives Tuesday with victories projected to be on a scale not seen since the end of the New Deal.”

Four years later — Schneider had a typo in his tweet — the Democrats lost the Senate in the 2014 mid-terms. They lost the White House, of course, in November.

The point is that this downward trajectory started long before the commencement of the 2016 presidential election and the subsequent speculation by the Democrats’ liberal media cohorts about possible interference by the bogeyman-like Russians.

Suffice it to say, it was a long time coming. Moreover, it could have been prevented had the Democrats simply stepped out of their echo chambers and listened to the American people. But instead they chose to double down, and according to the latest reports, they’re still doing the exact same thing.

Luckily for them, a few on the left have begun to wake up. That’s just a few, though, not including failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, as she hasn’t learned a thing.

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