RIGGED: WSJ/NBC Poll Shows Hillary Way Ahead… There’s Just 1 HUGE Problem


The day wouldn’t be complete without some slanted poll from the liberal media coming out. This time, it’s from the Wall Street Journal and NBC, and it shows Hillary Clinton way ahead.

However, The Gateway Pundit dug a bit deeper — and found out the entire underpinnings of the poll were flawed.

Let’s start with the basics: According to the poll, Hillary Clinton holds a massive 11-point edge over Donald Trump, 48 percent to 37 percent.

Hillary Clinton is consolidating a substantial lead over Donald Trump less than a month before Election Day, picking up support from women and swing voters as the Republican navigates growing allegations of unwanted sexual contact, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

“Heading into the final presidential debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Clinton led Trump by 11 percentage points among likely voters, 48% to 37%, a big jump from the six-point edge she held in mid-September,” the article continues. It also said that Trump is losing on key issues he used to get voters on — namely, trade, the economy and honesty.

However, someone took a look deeper at the poll’s sampling. When they did, they found something shocking.


Voters for President Barack Obama in 2012 outnumbered voters for Republican nominee Mitt Romney voters by a scarcely believable 14 percent. If that doesn’t sound like the 2012 election you remember, well, you’re right. Obama beat Republican Romney by a little less than four points. That means the poll oversampled voters who lean Democrat in practice (as opposed to what they tell the pollster) by eight percentage points, almost totally wiping out Hillary Clinton’s lead.

Let’s keep in mind, too, that as much as we might not like Obama here at Conservative Tribune, we cannot deny that the man has charisma and made a special connection with liberal voters. Likewise, Romney was not only the least liked Republican candidate since Thomas Dewey, he was about as exciting as watching The Weather Channel on Xanax.

In other words, the Wall Street Journal and NBC are confident that Hillary Clinton — a candidate who is widely detested by her own party — will do better than Barack Obama did.

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