REVEALED: Contents of Obama’s Letter to Trump Come Out… Pleading for Trump to Keep Obamacare

Contents of Obamas Letter to Trump Come Out Pleading for Trump to Keep Obamacare

Now that “Hail to the Chief” won’t be playing as he comes out, former President Obama needs a new theme song. Dare we suggest “Ain’t too Proud to Beg”?

That’s at least the takeaway from the just-revealed comments Obama made in the traditional letter an outgoing president leaves behind for his successor on his presidential desk. According to The Hill, Obama’s letter spent a lot of time on a “plea to salvage Obamacare — or swap it for something at least as generous.”

“I haven’t seen the letter,” House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told reporters Tuesday, after a meeting where President Donald Trump described some of the letter’s contents. “But President Obama correctly … stated that, ‘Look, we believe the Affordable Care Act is a very important piece of legislation which has given Americans better health, better access, more reliability. And if you have a bill … that improves upon all this, well, you know, maybe I could support it.

“I don’t know what the verbiage of President Obama’s was,” Hoyer added. “But his point was: ‘If you’ve got something that’s really better and we see it and we think it’s better, then we could support that.’”

Yes, just like most traditions in the Obama White House, this one was mostly about Obama, even though it was supposed to be about leaving sage advice for his successor. And it was done in the most pathetic, groveling of ways.

Even in leaving the White House, Obama couldn’t be more Obama-y.

It’s perhaps a sign of President Trump’s graciousness that he called it “a beautiful letter” which was “so well written” in an interview with ABC News.

“I doubt too many of them were written in this manner,” Trump said of the letter. You, uh, could certainly say that again.

As for the contents, Trump would merely say that, “It was long. It was complex. It was thoughtful. And it took time to do it, and I appreciated it and I called him and thanked him.”

However, he doesn’t seem to have taken Obama’s advice to heart, given that one of his first executive orders had to deal with relieving some of the burden of Obamacare, a sure sign it’s about to pass into the ash heap of history.

Oh well. Obama is gone, but his letter will be a constant reminder of the kind of president he was — and why we don’t want to go back, no matter how much he may beg us.

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