Rev. Franklin Graham Tells Anti-Trump Crowd to “Get Over It”

Rev Franklin Graham Tells Anti-Trump Crowd to Get Over It

In a viral Facebook message posted Tuesday, the Rev. Franklin Graham had a three-word message for Trump haters across America: “Get over it!”

Graham posted the message after a week in which the mainstream media and the left continued to pound Trump, even as revelations emerged about former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice that seemed to vindicate the president’s claims about surveillance.

“Get over it!” Graham wrote. “The election was 5 months ago and some just won’t let it go.

“At first the media blamed WikiLeaks, then they blamed FBI Director Comey, then they blamed the Russians — even though all the intelligence services have said the Russians didn’t affect the outcome of the election,” he continued.

Graham also wrote that if Democrats want to look at election influence, they should probably turn their eyes away from Russia.

“If you really want to look at those who tried to influence the election, you need to start with CNN, CBS, ABC News, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, The New York Times, Washington Post, George Soros, Hollywood — they all tried to influence the outcome of the election, one way or the other,” he wrote.

“It’s time to move on. Get over it.

“Politicians who I respect like Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. John McCain, and some other Republicans need to stop looking backward and get behind the president as he tries to lead our country out of the deep hole that Washington politicians have created for us.”

Graham implored the lawmakers to start working with the president to get things done.

“President Donald J. Trump can’t do this on his own,” Graham said. “Work together to fix our broken healthcare system, to rebuild our depleted military, to secure our borders, and to overhaul our tax code which is so complicated that even the senators and congressmen have to have outside help to do their taxes!

“It’s time to get over the Russians — and move America forward!” he concluded. “With your prayers and God’s help, that can happen.”

Graham’s message was liked over 130,000 times and shared another 42,000 times in just 17 hours. Pretty impressive stuff, and something that ought to send a message to our legislators in Washington.

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