Restaurant Workers Blare “F*** The Police” Over Speakers While Cops Eat


Over the past few years in particular, police officers have been degraded, disrespected and generally mistreated by a large swath of American people who have been convinced — usually by race-baiting activists — that cops and law enforcement are a problem.

This disrespectful and dangerous sentiment was evidenced recently in a fast food restaurant in Colorado when police officers stopped in to get a bite to eat.

While the Aurora Police Department officers dined at Smashburger, the employees played the infamous N.W.A. song “F*** Tha Police” on repeat, according to The Denver Channel. The gesture was an obvious message that the cops were not wanted in the restaurant, or in the community in general.

The Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora reported the incident in a Facebook post on Saturday, asking the page’s followers to “remember it” when making their choice of where to eat.

The Denver-based casual hamburger restaurant quickly issued an apology to the police officers, explaining that they “respect, honor and appreciate every police department in the country.”

“The regrettable events of last night in no way reflect the values or principles that are core to the Smashburger brand,” the statement continued. “They occurred by way of the inappropriate actions by a few employees.”

The restaurant officials went on to announce that the employees in question and the manager who was in charge that day have been placed on leave pending an investigation, KDVR reported.

“We apologize to the police officers affected, as well as to any of our guests who were party to this unfortunate incident,” the statement concluded.

Smashburger CEO Tom Ryan further commented to KUSA that the incident “by no means reflects how Smashburger thinks of law enforcement.”

“This will not happen again,” he said.

The Brotherhood for the Fallen of Aurora said they “applaud their immediate initiative to look into this matter, and are certain they will take any steps they deem necessary.”

While the restaurant did the right thing in apologizing and taking necessary steps to ensure this display of disrespect never happens again, the fact that it happened even once is indicative of a major problem we have in the country — a huge segment of the American population that believes they are above the law and can disrespect the very people who keep them safe daily.

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