Reporter Suspended For Making SHOCK Move Against ISIS On The Battlefield


Marine veteran Jason Buttrill, a reporter for Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, has reportedly been recalled and suspended from his job for having fired shots at Islamic State group militants while on assignment in Mosul, Iraq.

The downfall of this reporter first began to play out Thursday evening, when TheBlaze itself ran a story touting Buttrill’s reporting from Mosul and specifically mentioned him firing “some shots at ISIS as he was out getting reports from the front line.”

It also included a picture of him making those shots.

Take a look below:

Sadly for Buttrill, this picture set off a firestorm of backlash from a number of notable figures, including Jason Stern, a member of the Committee to Protect Journalists.

“Jason, journalists are detained and killed all over the world over false accusations of being combatants,” he tweeted to Buttrill. “This doesn’t help.”

“If he represents himself as a combatant who also dabbles in writing, he is fine, but if he represents himself as a journalist with a sniper rifle shooting at the enemy, he is off the rails,” war correspondent Michael Yon added in an email to the Military Times.

As reported by Politico, this backlash eventually prompted Mercury Radio Arts, the company that owns TheBlaze, to suspend the Marine veteran.

“Given his military and security background, Mr. Buttrill was offered the opportunity for an important research assignment in Iraq,” the company wrote in a statement. “Due to his conduct, Mercury Radio Arts has recalled him back to the US. He has been suspended from further field research assignments.”

In addition, TheBlaze’s managing editor Leon Wolf published his own statement apologizing for the error in judgment.

“Last night, I failed to appreciate the gravity of the subject matter, and let it past my usual filter,” he reportedly wrote. “That was a mistake, and led to the story being published at 10:15 p.m. on Dec. 8. It is not in keeping with the values or standards of TheBlaze’s news team.”

Yet as of Saturday morning, TheBlaze’s original story was still readily available for reading on its website, though judging by the top-rated comments, the site’s readers were not impressed by Buttrill’s antics.

“Sir, you are either a correspondent or you are a warrior, you cannot be both,” one user wrote.

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