Reporter Forced to Sign Apology She Didn’t Write or Believe After Openly Supporting Trump on Facebook


A conservative news anchor was fired from her job after posting a subtle comment on her Facebook page praising President-elect Donald Trump.

According to WND, Scarlett Fakhar worked as a reporter and anchor for Fox affiliate KRIV-TV in Houston, Texas. Shortly after the presidential election, Fakhar took to her Facebook page to say she was “happy and relieved” after Trump won the presidency.

That didn’t seem to sit well with management, and they fired her for her comment. However, before terminating her contract, they allegedly made Fakhar sign an apology letter that she didn’t even write herself.

That devastated the news anchor. Fakhar told WND why it all happened.

“I was fired for my political beliefs,” she said.

She continued to explain that reporters at KRIV are allowed to express whatever view they hold, except when it is a conservative one.

“Reporters at my station are allowed to espouse their liberal views on-air and on their public work pages, but I’m not allowed to write my conservative views on my personal page for friends,” she said. “There is without a doubt a double standard.”

Fakhar shared her journey on her public Facebook page. Hundreds of viewers and fans rallied behind her with support.

She continued to explain how the bias at the station was clear. Fakhar recalled a time where her coworker, anchor Isiah Carey, made a strongly biased comment about then-GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.

During a live broadcast, Carey said that Cruz “is like the dark lord from Star Wars … I think he’s the anti-Christ.” If anyone should be fired or reprimanded for biased comments, Carey should have been punished for comments such as these.

If anyone should write an apology, it should be Fakhar’s boss, for so clearly targeting her for acting “biased.”

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