Reporter Feels Wrath Of Trump After Calling Him Racist


A reporter with a local NBC affiliate thought she was going go get away with calling Trump a racist on camera during an appearance in Ohio.

Instead, Trump managed to get the last word, telling the reporter, “I am the least racist person you’ve ever met.

In a contentious interview with WCMH-TV’s Colleen Marshall at an event in Delaware, Ohio, Trump initially walked off politely after the reporter intimated that he was a bigot.

“Nineteen days out from the election, you’ve been labeled a racist, you’ve been called a sexist, how — ” Marshall said as Trump cut her off.

“Thank you very much,” he said as he turned to leave.

She continued, though, “How do you respond to that?”

“I am the least racist person you’ve ever met,” Trump responded.

You can see the exchange here:

While this may reek of hyperbole, it’s actually fairly accurate. After all, the media has been at the forefront of painting this race as being divided among identity lines.

It’s difficult to listen to any mainstream media newscast where the presidential race is being discussed and hear them talking about ideas. Instead, we hear talk of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, etc.

Trump, meanwhile, has based his candidacy on ideas. Instead of talking about those ideas — American strength, a less-regulated economy, enforcing immigration laws — the media continues to make this about personalities.

Look at Marshall, for example. Earlier in the interview, she did bring up policy, sort of: “Last night it was pointed out in the debate that your financial plan — experts say — would put America in a worse position than those of Hillary Clinton, even though she’s not getting high marks either. Do you agree with that?”

Notice no talk of the ideas. Just that “experts” say it won’t work. She doesn’t seem too interested in the details, either — just that it can be used to discredit Trump.

This is why Trump and his supporters say that the media coverage of the election has been rigged. Like it or not, you have to admit they have a point.

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