REPORT: Trump Set to Fill over 100 Federal Court Appointments


President-elect Donald Trump has indicated on more than one occasion that he was ready to change Washington, and many conservatives can hardly wait until Jan. 20 to see some of those changes start to take place.

One of the most significant ways Trump will be able to affect the direction of the country is through a number of judicial vacancies that will be set for him to fill when he assumes office. This list also, of course, will include an open Supreme Court seat.

Breitbart reported that 103 federal court positions will be left to Trump to fill. In comparison, President Barack Obama only had 54 judicial positions to fill in 2008.

The Trump administration and the Senate will be expected to move quickly, as some courts are severely backlogged because of seats that have been vacant for months. The Washington Post reported that there are 38 “judicial emergencies,” where seven seats have remained empty for more than a year.

Restrictions on abortion, state gun control laws, anti-discrimination and immigration matters are all issues that federal judges hear.

If Trump’s choices are anything like the names on the list of 21 candidates he identified for the Supreme Court seat before the election, his nominees will have a conservative bent. This is especially true of the Supreme Court itself, with as many as three more vacancies possible in the next four years.

Trump’s transition team declined to comment on the process of selecting nominees, according to The Post. However, they indicated that incoming White House Counsel Don McGahn was expected work with Trump on the appointees.

Additionally, The Post reported that the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation have also been working with the Trump team on possible candidates.

Of course it’s not guaranteed that all of Trump’s appointments will go through, but it helps that Republicans have a majority in the Senate.

This is a golden opportunity for Trump to help establish a conservative agenda that will work to protect our freedoms and values for years to come.

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