REPORT: Trump Admin Wants 30-Foot-High Wall at Southern Border

Trump Admin Wants 30-Foot-High Wall at Southern Border

Pundits and politicos across America have said almost everything about President Donald Trump, but one thing they’ve never uttered is that he’s the kind of guy who likes to go small.

Now that Trump’s getting around to building the wall he’s been talking about for nigh on two years, we’ve been reminded yet again just why that is.

According to solicitation specs put on the Federal Business Opportunities website on Friday, the border wall is intended to be 30 feet high.

And that’s not all. This being Trump, the wall “shall be aesthetically pleasing in color, anti-climb texture, etc., to be consistent with general surrounding environment. The manufacturing/construction process should facilitate changes in color and texture pursuant to site specific requirements.”

I guess when he said a “big, beautiful wall,” he was being more literal than we actually thought. As long as you’re staring at it from our side, that is.

According to The Associated Press, the contract will be awarded on the basis of 30-foot wall samples built in San Diego.

CNBC reported that the wall will also be sunk six feet into the ground in order to deter tunneling.

Another proposal released Friday also solicited bids on a see-through wall, ostensibly for less sensitive or accessible areas of the border.

Estimates for the cost of the wall ranged anywhere from $12 billion (President Trump and the low end of congressional Republicans’ estimates) to $21 billion (an internal estimate provided to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly).

The president has asked for a $2.6 billion down payment on the wall in his proposed budget.

One of the most constant refrains from the left during the election season was that Trump could never get the wall built, or get Mexico to pay for it. Of course they also said that Trump was decidedly unelectable.

He’s already gotten elected, and he seems ready to build the wall. Getting Mexico to pay for it may be the toughest part, but would you bet against him at this point?

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