REPORT: Robby Mook Tells Fox News He Had Knowledge Of Wiretapping During Campaign

Robby Mook Tells Fox News He Had Knowledge Of Wiretapping During Campaign

Former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, Robby Mook, confirmed Tuesday that, during the course of the 2016 election, intelligence officials informed the campaign of wiretaps involving then-GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Mook made this admission during a discussion on Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” regarding recent accusations by President Donald Trump that the administration of former President Barack Obama purposefully and illegally wiretapped him and his associates last year.

“There was a wiretap of Russian agents,” he stated. “Those Russian agents were communicating with Trump staff. That is why they were picked up.”

When then questioned by host Steve Doocy about how he knew this, Mook pointed to information gleaned directly from the intelligence community and indirectly from media reports that had been circulating at the time.

While this admission only confirmed what we already knew — that the Obama administration used a clearance from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court last year to wiretap various Russian entities that it believed to be in contact with Trump associates — it did add another layer of mystery to this scandal.

Why was Clinton’s campaign made aware of this surveillance? What business was it of theirs, especially given that the ostensible targets of the wiretaps had been Russian agents, not Trump associates?

You can see the interview with Mook here:

If nothing else, this revelation lent further credence to the belief that Obama’s intelligence community purposefully engaged in “reverse targeting” last year. As noted by Boston Review, “reverse targeting” refers to “the targeting of a U.S. person under the guise or pretext of targeting a foreigner.”

According to CBS News, “reverse targeting” is illegal, as “the president cannot order a wiretap if the surveillance involves ‘communication to which a U.S. person is a party.’”

This means that if Obama authorized the “reverse targeting” of either Trump or his associates, as the president appears to have done, he could potentially be looking at one exceptionally lengthy stint in prison.

It’s also worth pointing out one important fact about the FISA warrant and subsequent investigation that the mainstream media likes to ignore — it uncovered no meaningful connection between the Russians and anyone in the Trump organization.

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