Report: Potential DNC Chair Ellison Has Muslim Brotherhood Ties


Leo Hohmann of WND wrote an exhaustive exposé in which he reported that U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota may have had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — an alarming allegation considering that Ellison was in a strong position to be the next chair of the Democrat National Committee.

Hohmann wrote that evidence was mounting in support of the alleged ties between Ellison, the nation’s first Muslim congressman, and the Brotherhood.

According to the article, for example, Ellison had been scheduled to speak at the annual convention of the Muslim American Society, described by Hohmann as a Brotherhood offshoot, but his name suddenly disappeared from the list of speakers.

Hohmann also argued that further exploration into MAS would find that it had paid for Ellison’s December 2008 trip to Mecca, a sum of $13,350 reportedly having been spent by MAS for Ellison’s pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest site.

Another piece of evidence was in the form of an alleged witness to Ellison’s weekly meetings with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Chris Gaubatz, national security consultant and vice president of Understanding the Threat, described other possible dangerous Ellison connections.

“When I was working on the Muslim Mafia project (an investigative book) Ellison would do weekly projects with CAIR, weekly strategy meetings at CAIR’s headquarters in D.C.,” Gaubatz said.

“After my testimony before Congress this summer, his office actually confirmed that he has spoken at Muslim Brotherhood conferences held by the Islamic Society of North America,” Gaubatz said, “so there is no secret there … And then he’s got some ties to the MAS as well. So he covers the whole gamut from ISNA to CAIR to MAS. All are affiliated with the Brotherhood.”

Hohmann’s article can be read in its entirety on WND.

While some information regarding Ellison’s ties remains unclear, it would be obviously be very dangerous for all Americans to let someone with ties to a terrorist organization lead the DNC.

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