REPORT: People Successfully Petition Court to Change Gender to “Non-Binary”


“Gender” has become the latest battleground for liberals, and now they’re even fighting it in the legal system. According to NBC News, a number of Americans have petitioned courts to change their gender from male or female to “non-binary,” with some even being successful.

The movement began after an Oregon man named Jamie Shupe — according to the London Guardian, a 52-year-old Army veteran — was the first to manage to get his sex changed to non-binary by an Oregon court.

“This is the greatest victory of my life,” Shupe told People Magazine back in June. “I have won the right to legally and accurately define my sense of self and who I exist as. The judge has simply made me whole and corrected the injustices that were done to me by the medical and grossly inadequate government classification systems that I was forced to live under. Hopefully, I have freed all of those like me to exist not only authentically, but legally.”

Now, the Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project is spearheading efforts to change people’s legal gender to non-binary all across the country.

NBC reports that the number of people “petitioning courts for third gender designations has increased exponentially.” While some were actually born as intersex individuals — with sex characteristics from both the male and female genders — “others identify on a spectrum of gender that doesn’t fit neatly into either of the categories currently available on identity documents.”

In other words, they think that they are a third gender.

“It’s been exploding,” said attorney Tony Adams, who runs the Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project. “It hasn’t been a slow ramping up — it’s been really fast since Jamie Shupe’s success in the beginning of the year.

“The people who are contacting me, it’s very personal,” Adams said. “I hear a lot of, ‘I’m being recognized now, my entire life I’ve had to check these boxes that make me have to lie about how I really am.’ They really feel like they’re being heard and seen for their true selves … finally being respected.”

Char Crawford, 32, identifies as “agender.” Crawford applied for a change to non-binary gender in San Francisco with spouse Xin Farrish.

“Assuming our petitions are granted at our court date, I will be given the gift of validation,” Crawford told NBC. “Instead of saying, ‘I am non-binary’ and having others respond ‘That’s nonsense,’ I’ll be able to say ‘I am non-binary, according to the people of the state of California.’”


And then those people will still say, “That’s nonsense.”

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