REPORT: Pennsylvania Recount Hands Hillary 5 Total Extra Votes


Former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost the election nearly a month ago. Green Party candidate Jill Stein lost by a massive percentage of votes, but that’s not a satisfactory answer for them.

Pennsylvania’s two largest counties completed their vote recounts Monday, according to The Daily Caller, and found some embarrassing news for the Clinton and Stein campaigns: Clinton had gained a measly five votes.

That’s not news that Clinton wanted to hear.

The two counties that completed the recounts were Philadelphia County and Allegheny County — the first of which gained Clinton five votes, while the second reportedly had no change.

City Commissioner Al Schmidt of Philadelphia said he was unsurprised. That widespread voter fraud might have taken place was possible but extremely unlikely with voting machines that had no connections to the internet.

“We have very primitive voting machines here,” he said, according to Billy Penn. “Our voting system is only vulnerable to individual cases of voting fraud, as we’ve seen. Whenever it does occur it would be someone going in and voting for somebody else or an election board manually adding votes, which is an entirely different thing than hacking.”

The five votes there were given to Clinton in Philadephia, Schmidt said, and came from provisional and/or absentee ballots just now coming into play.

Although Schmidt was confident in the initial results of the election, he was willing to do the recount and, presumably, willing to do more recounts if mandated by the government.

“The law provides for it,” Schmidt said. “And it’s our job to do what the law provides regardless of its merits.”

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