REPORT: New ISIS Spokesman Encourages Attacks Against U.S. Forces at Home


Throughout his presidency, President Barack Obama has refused time and time again to confront America’s enemies and show them that there is a price to pay for threatening, or attacking, this nation.

However, now that President-elect Donald Trump is forming his administration and will be in charge shortly, we have a chance to strike back at our enemies and remind them just what America is capable of.

For example, Trump’s nominee for secretary of defense, retired Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, is likely to take a hard-line stance against the Islamic State terror group, which is just what we need in light of their most recent message.

The new spokesman for the Islamic State group, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, released a message titled “For You Will Remember What I Tell You” wherein he issued some chilling threats to the United States and other world powers, The Daily Caller reported.

“Your (his followers’) operations make a difference … change the situation. Attack them (Westerners) in their markets, roads, clubs and any unexpected location and burn the ground under their feet,” Muhajir said.

This threat followed multiple others that have been issued by the terrorist organization, yet our government has done very little to retaliate against these threats. That likely will change when Mattis takes over the Pentagon.

The Washington Post noted that Mattis had a history of not being afraid to call out radical Islam and was in favor of taking a more hard-line approach to affairs in the Middle East.

Most importantly, in addition to having been a vocal opponent of Obama’s foreign policy, Mattis has years of experience in the Middle East, so he knows just what the enemy is thinking, The New York Times noted.

These are dangerous times, so we need a secretary of defense who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure America’s safety. We can’t afford to have a president continue to ignore the threat like Obama has.

Hopefully during the next four years the Islamic State group will be beaten back and some sense of safety and security will once again be felt by all Americans.

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