REPORT: NBC And ABC Both Possibly Interested In Signing Megyn Kelly


Rumors have been circulating that host Megyn Kelly could soon leave the Fox News network and join the ranks of CNN. However, new reports indicated that CNN isn’t the only news outlet wooing Kelly.

Apparently, NBC and ABC have also been pursuing the lawyer-turned-journalist.

Kelly, 46, has been talking with NBC, while ABC has perhaps sweetened its offer to woo Kelly, an industry executive told Vanity Fair.

Leslee Dart, a spokeswoman for Kelly, said, “People can parse language any way they want.”

“The fact of the matter is that fortunately Megyn Kelly has been presented with more opportunities than ever before. She is incredibly grateful and is taking the time she needs to make this important decision for her family and her career,” Dart said.

Vanity Fair also reported that Kelly wasn’t making money the central issue of why she would leave Fox, saying she was more interested in a “creative working situation that fits her preferences and allows her more time with her husband and three children.”

The Hill, however, reported that ABC News had denied that an offer was on the table for Kelly.

“As much as we appreciate and admire Megyn Kelly’s talents, this is simply not true. There has never been an offer of any job, and therefore there is nothing that could be sweetened,” ABC told The Hill. “End of story.”

The news of Kelly’s discussions with ABC and NBC came less than two weeks after it was reported that CNN President Jeff Zucker was moving mountains to get her to his network but couldn’t match Fox’s $20 million annual salary offer.

It looks like Kelly might have quite a few options, should she decide to leave Fox. Undoubtedly, there are networks who would love to have her and see her fans become their viewers.

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