REPORT: Michael Moore Releases “5 Step Plan” To Disrupt Trump’s Administration


Listen up, liberals. Your anti-Trump rhetoric has gone way too far. It’s time to stop.

Michael Moore, the filmmaker and generally grotesque lump of a liberal who lives in my state of Michigan, and of whom we are duly ashamed, is actively calling for Americans to disrupt the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Calling Trump a “malignant narcissist,” Moore used his Facebook page to encourage Americans to disrespect one of our most important traditions: the peaceful and orderly transition of power.

Even from Moore, this is amazing. Here is #4 on his 5-point plan:

Michael Moore Facebook

Another item on his list of directives included telling people to intimidate their elected senators and members of Congress, threatening to oust them if they support Trump in any way.

The other three points ask followers to demand that Muslim Keith Ellison be named head of the Democrat National Committee, to form “Rapid Response Teams” to be ready to respond to Moore’s directives, and to run for office themselves.

The organization spearheading the protests is called Featured items on its website included training camps starting Jan. 8 and continuing until the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Classes will include resistance, protesting and how to proceed when you get arrested. (Warning: Expect to be arrested, and you are responsible for all of your own legal bills). It also prominently displayed the notice that “J20 does not collaborate with law enforcement.”

Shocker, there. reported that the organization was planning to create a “sense of crisis,” to harass attendees at the inauguration and possibly to carry out some sort of drone strikes on the crowd.

Seriously? This invites the question: Who is the real narcissist here? Does Michael Moore assume that he is now the de facto leader of liberalism and can issue orders to all?

What did conservatives do when President Barack Obama was elected? We wished him the best of success, we promised to support him and we prayed for his wisdom and leadership. Admittedly it didn’t work out that well, but we weren’t protesting in the streets.

Donald Trump will be our next president, and it will be much easier for him to succeed with our full support. One wonders if the liberals wouldn’t just be happier being miserable.

Oh, well. After they whine and cry, and maybe get arrested, they can head back to their parents’ basement and brag that they spent a night in jail.

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