REPORT: Khizr Khan Cancels Speech, Blames It on ‘Travel Privileges’ Being Under Review

Khizr Khan Cancels Speech Blames It on Travel Privileges Being Under Review

Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father whose Democrat National Convention speech lambasting Donald Trump was a serious bump in the current president’s campaign, has maintained a sporadic presence in the spotlight since the election.

Now, however, he’s come front-and-center — although many have been wondering if his performance may be another case of fake news.

First, the details that we know for sure about the story: Khan had been scheduled to speak in Toronto for a group called Ramsay Talks, according to CTV. The Tuesday speech was canceled and the group provided a cryptic explanation regarding Khan’s travel status.

“Late Sunday evening Khizr Khan, an American citizen for over 30 years, was notified that his travel privileges are being reviewed. As a consequence, Mr. Khan will not be traveling to Toronto on March 7 to speak about tolerance, understanding, unity and the rule of law,” the statement from Ramsay Talks read. “Very regretfully, Ramsay Talks must cancel its luncheon with Mr. Khan. Guests will be given full refunds.

“Mr. Khan offered his sincere apologies to all those who made plans to attend on March 7. He said: ‘This turn of events is not just of deep concern to me but to all my fellow Americans who cherish our freedom to travel abroad. I have not been given any reason as to why. I am grateful for your support and look forward to visiting Toronto in the near future.’”

What’s strange about this, though, is that American citizens aren’t required to have “travel privileges.” Any citizen with a passport is free to leave at will, and as Reuters pointed out, U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not contact citizens in advance of their traveling outside the country.

CBP would not comment on Khan’s case directly, according to Reuters.

Khan offered no evidence for the banning and multiple media outlets — including the Canadian Broadcasting Company and The Hill — were unsuccessful in contacting him for comment.

But Khan had made it clear in an interview with the Toronto Star last week that he was looking to discredit the Trump administration.

“Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims, he disrespects minorities, women, judges, even his own party leadership,” Khan told the Star. “He wants to build walls and ban us from this country.”

The media, of course, latched onto the story immediately.

Clicking on the “View All” will get you two pages of similar articles. I’m not going to screenshot that, because I don’t hate you (or myself).

Keep in mind that few of these headlines refer to the fact that Khan’s travel privileges status hasn’t been confirmed yet. Indeed, given the high profile of someone like Mr. Khan, you would think that someone would at least be willing to confirm anonymously what his travel status was.

Also, keep in mind that Mr. Khan is a) an American citizen and b) originally from Pakistan, a nation not on Trump’s immigration ban list. Unless there’s something here we’re not getting, there’s no evidence he should have any travel restrictions.

And yet, nothing. No pictures of a letter from DHS or any other similar authority. No video of him being turned away at the airport. Much like the GPA of one Mr. Blutarsky, Khizr Khan’s level of evidence so far comes out to zero. Point. Zero.

That isn’t to say that he might not yet produce something that proves his claims accurate. If it turns out that Khizr Khan’s right to travel has been restricted, that’s a real story. If it was done without reason, that’s an even bigger story, and one for which someone should be held accountable in the strongest possible way — and by that, I mean prison.

Until then, this is a bit like me saying that my travel privileges have been suspended because I write for Conservative Tribune. I was traveling to, um, Equatorial Guinea. I was going to give a speech on behalf of this deposed royal prince who I’m helping move $20,000,000 between bank accounts (he’s assured me via email that there’s no risk). And yet, my travel privileges have been placed “under review.” It’s time for a serious rethink of how our country deals with conservative bloggers.

Cover that one, Politico. I’ve given you just as much evidence as Khizr Khan did. Let’s see if I can make your front page, too.

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