REPORT: Jill Stein to Launch Protest Outside of Trump Tower


Poor Jill Stein. Her crowdfunded recount doesn’t seem to be dredging up the evidence of hacking that she seemed to imply threw the election to Donald Trump. In addition, Trump’s people have been matching her lawsuit-for-lawsuit in the three recount states.

So, what’s an affronted liberal to do? According to a statement released by Stein on Saturday, the same fruitless thing enraged leftists have been doing since Trump was elected: protests!

The Hill reports that Jill Stein plans to hold a news conference and “rally” (which I’m sure is going to be of the friendly sort) outside of Trump Tower in New York City on Monday to fight the Trump campaign’s opposition to the recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“We won’t stand down as Donald Trump and his allies seek to frivolously obstruct the legal processes set up to ensure we have a voting system we can trust and that all votes have been counted,” Stein said in a statement.

Actually, it’s Stein who’s being frivolous.

While the three states that Stein has filed for a recount in were close-ish, they weren’t exactly close enough that Stein’s recount would do anything to change the results. The closest was Michigan, which was won by Trump by over 10,000 votes. In Wisconsin, where Hillary and Trump were separated by about 22,000 votes, the first day of the recount netted Hillary one extra vote.

In other words, all Stein needs to do is get enough money to continue the recount for another 60 years and six months and Hillary will be another 10 electoral votes closer to 270. Keep those donations coming, folks! We’re in it for the long haul! Yes we can!

Trump has faced criticism from the left for filing legal challenges to Stein’s recount in those three states (his campaign has filed them in Michigan and Pennsylvania, whereas a super PAC associated with his campaign has filed suit in Wisconsin). However, if anyone can file a bunch of lawsuits in favor of recounts based on absolutely no evidence, I’m pretty sure it’s a winner’s  right — both legally and morally — to file lawsuits against them based on a lot of good evidence.

“Despite being no more than a blip on the electoral radar, Stein has now commandeered Pennsylvania’s electoral process, with an eye toward doing the same to the Electoral College,” Trump’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania read.

“Stein has not alleged that she can win Michigan’s presidential election as the result of a recount, but instead contends that only vague assertions of being aggrieved are sufficient to trigger a recount of nearly 5 million votes,” the Michigan lawsuit read, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Now that it’s become clear that Stein’s “the Russians done hacked into them there’s electronical votin’ machines” argument was based entirely on her febrile imagination and a very minor statistical blip in Wisconsin voting patterns that amount to nothing, Stein has decided that it’s time to abandon that and instead go back to the tactics of intimidation — with a “rally” outside the New York City home of the president-elect of the United States.

This is the left at work. When their schemes don’t pan out, it’s time to make anyone who they disagree with pay dearly for opposing them.

Stein’s actions, both before and after the election, have done nothing but cause baseless division. She needs to stop. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.

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