REPORT: Israel Cuts Millions in UN Funding After Anti-Settlement Vote


Israel is fighting back.

Furious with the endless, groundless criticism in the United Nations from countries that have zero respect for human rights, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East is cutting its contributions to the United National budget to protest a Security Council resolution the Obama administration allowed to pass against it.

And making its argument in words any reasonable person can understand.

“It is unreasonable for Israel to fund bodies that operate against us at the UN,” Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon said in a statement on Sunday, according to the Times of Israel. 

“We seek to stop the practice where the UN is used solely as a forum for unending attacks against Israel.”

Nobody honest could blame the country. No nation is perfect, of course, but when a country like Saudi Arabia, which forbids building churches and sometimes persecutes Christians for their faith, heads the UN’s Council on Human Rights, Israel has a right to feel singled out.

And when the Obama administration stabbed it in the back by engineering that shameful resolution to pass, condemning Israel for building new housing for Jews even parts of Jerusalem, Israel had even less incentive to cooperation with the UN, much less give it money.

Fortunately, there should be better days ahead for the Jewish state, especially in its relations with the United States.

Not only is President-elect Donald Trump an ardent supporter of Israel, the U.S. House of Representatives voted last week to condemn the Security Council resolution by an overwhelming 342-80 vote (virtually all of the votes against were from Democrats.)

It’s important to note that Israel didn’t cut all its funding to the U.N. Israel’s share of the U.N. budget is about $40 million, according to the Times of Israel, so the $6 million is a considerable chunk – enough to make a statement but not a complete break.

In other words, it’s a reasonable protest, by a civilized country, against the barbarians the Obama administration has consistently sided with for the past eight years.

According to Reuters, Israel has more U.N. protest moves in the works even after Trump is sworn into office on Jan. 20. But it’s a good chance that once Israel’s American ally has a new president, those moves might not be necessary.

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