REPORT: Celeb Slaps Trump Fan in Head, Gets Citizen’s Arrest and Then Police Arrest!


Ride sharing isn’t caring, at least if you don’t share the political views of “Silicon Valley” actor T.J. Miller.

According to The Wrap, the star of the popular cable show was arrested and charged with battery in the early hours of Friday morning after he allegedly slapped an Uber driver in a spat over President-elect Donald Trump.

Miller, whose new movie “Office Christmas Party” is a travesty against God, man and Jason Bateman (I’ve been unlucky enough to see it, and I would have rather spent the day with a case of food poisoning), was heading home via a ride share after the GQ “Man of the Year” awards party in Los Angeles.

TMZ reported that he and his driver got into it over Trump verbally, after which Miller slapped the driver.

Unfortunately for Miller, the Uber pilot wasn’t just going to let Miller get away with it. He put the star in an arm-lock and carried out a citizen’s arrest at 1 a.m. The Los Angeles Police Department later came by and made the whole thing official.

Just in case you were thinking that there was the off-chance that Miller might have been on the Trump Train and got a bit rowdy after the Uber driver said he thought Jill Stein’s recounts had some merit to them, the “Silicon Valley” star has been a vocal critic of the president-elect for quite some time.

During an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show, Miller burned a Trump tie. He also tweeted, “Trump is a madman. He’s a lunatic. He’ll ruin us globally. Let’s f*** him up in November” back in July.

According to USA Today, Miller hosted the Critics Choice Awards tjust two days after his arrest, where he joked about his incident.

“Before we start, we need to address the elephant in the room,” Miller said. “It’s been in the news all weekend, and it’s really affected me: The election was definitely hacked by the Russians.”

It’s good to see that Miller sobered up between Friday and Sunday (I’m just going to assume that alcohol was involved, since he was leaving a party and I’m willing to bet that even Lena Dunham isn’t apoplectic enough to slap an Uber driver coughcoughallegedlycough without a few strong Long Island iced teas). However, it’s yet another piece of evidence that if any one side holds a monopoly on insane and violent supporters, it’s certainly not the people in the red hats with the white embroidery.

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