Rep. Steve King Tweets Picture Of Model Of Proposed Border Wall

Rep Steve King Tweets Picture Of Model Of Proposed Border Wall

Iowa Congressman Steve King likes to build things, and he has a wall to show you.

While a state senator, he helped eliminate the inheritance tax, authored and passed workplace drug testing laws, strengthened parental rights, worked to pass tax cuts for working residents of Iowa, and helped pass a law making English the state’s official language.

He’s also a former earth-moving contractor, and he knows just how to build The Wall.

The immigration hardliner met yesterday with President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Gen. John Kelly, The Hill reported. And he brought a wall with him:

The scale model featured razor wire at the top, and it’s a beauty. In a CNN interview, King called for Trump to “not just settle for a wall, let’s build a fence, then a wall, then a fence, so we create two no man’s lands, one on either side of the wall.”

A wall sandwich, if you will.

“When we pick people up there they don’t really have an excuse,” King said. “They weren’t out there picking mushrooms.”

This is not King’s first foray into promoting a southern border wall. In fact, he presented his ideas to Congress in July 2006 — that’s right, 10 years before Trump’s election. King built a scale model on the House floor, ThinkProgress reported, explaining the construction step-by-step.

Calling for pre-cast concrete panels to form a 12-foot-high wall, the design was ingenious and cost-effective, allowing for panels to be easily removed if needed. King also called for mild electrification of the fence as a further “disincentive” for those considering scaling the wall.

Democrats took the House majority a few months later, and we all know how well that went over.

King also supported Gen. John Kelly as the strongest pick to lead Homeland Security, according to the Washington Examiner. He praised the former commander of United States Southern Command as an inspiring leader who will bring “law and order” to the department and figure out how to build the border wall.

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