The REAL Photos of Trump’s Inaug vs. Obama’s Just Came Out… Trump’s Crowd Might Have Been BIGGER

The REAL Photos of Trumps Inaug vs Obamas Just Came Out Trumps Crowd Might Have Been BIGGER

The subject of how many people actually showed up for President Donald Trump’s inauguration has been hotly debated.

One image that was circulated across the internet showed a meager turnout for Trump at the National Mall in Washington, compared to an overflowing crowd for the inauguration of former President Barack Obama in 2009.

Actual photos from the event, however, tell a different story — a story that showed a huge turnout for Trump.

This is the original image comparison from The New York Times that brought joy to so many disenchanted Democrats.

The National Parks Services ran with the comparison and reposted it to its Twitter account. Trump then complained to the acting director of the the park service, according to The Washington Post, and demanded more photos of the inauguration crowd.

The New York Times called Trump’s reaction “further evidence of the anxiety that he has demonstrated when people raise questions about the extent of his public support.” Of course they did.

The problem for the liberals is that Trump has always had plenty of support.

Sadly, Trump must constantly contend with negative reports from the mainstream media because they attempt to sabotage his presidency on a daily basis.

Democrats conspiring to make Trump look bad is a problem because how things really looked on Inauguration Day was significantly different from what they’d like to believe.

Here’s how things actually looked from photos taken by Getty Images photographers at both inaugurations. The image on the left is Obama’s inauguration in 2009, the image on the right is Trump’s inauguration Jan. 20:

Obama v Trump inauguration 1

This is a wider angle. Again, Obama’s inauguration is on the left, Trump’s is on the right:

Obama v Trump inauguration 2

Fox News anchor Brit Hume, who attended the event, claimed that the original comparison photo from The Times showing the sparse turnout for Trump was taken early in the day, before the majority of the crowd had arrived.

In addition, CNN released a gigapixel image of the event, where viewers can actually get a clear idea of just how many people showed up to see Trump sworn in as president. There appear to be no large white sections of space as shown in the original image that the mainstream media spread. It could be that Hume’s assertion is correct.

In a time when photos can be manipulated and sent out to the public in a flash, it is easier than ever for liberals, particularly in the mainstream media, to publish fake news. They have proven they will deceive the public at every opportunity when it comes to President Trump, and we must be diligent to hold them accountable.

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