Real Meaning Behind the Weird Triangle Pins Trump’s People Sometimes Wear… Secret Service IDs


Since being elected president of the United States, Donald Trump’s every action and word have received intense scrutiny from the liberal mainstream media.

The latest Trump mannerism to pique the attention of liberal pundits has been the habit of the president-elect’s top officials wearing what appeared to be a triangular pin.

As reported by the New York Post, this odd but ultimately innocuous pin was designed to help the Secret Service distinguish members of Trump’s inner circle from other visitors to Trump Tower.

Take a look at the pin below:


This was not the first time that these pins had caught the media’s attention. During the GOP primary race last March, Vocativ ran its own in-depth analysis of them. What confounded the publisher was their bizarre design.

“(W)hy use an icon reminiscent of triangle images associated with secret societies?” the publisher asked, referencing the use of triangles in “Illuminati” symbolism.


Even “Star Trek” actor and liberal loudmouth George Takei weighed in on the controversy, posting on Twitter last April, “This symbol’s meaning is hard to pin down.”

Incidentally, the pin being used by Trump’s inner circle also resembled the uniform badges oft seen on “Star Trek”:


According to reports, the pin was half gold and half purple. Speaking with Vocativ, University of Wisconsin professor Sabine Modersheim speculated that the gold was likely chosen in reference to Trump and the purple possibly in reference to “wealth and royalty.”

Of course, this explanation did not appease everybody:

There was likely a very simple and rational reason that Trump chose to use these specific pins to identify his closest advisers.

That said, it was awfully fun watching liberals spin their minds over this mystery like hamsters on a wheel.

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