Rapper Lil Wayne Explains That Only A White Cop Stopped To Take Him To Hospital When He Was Shot!


Lil Wayne’s has come out and shared that it was a white cop that saved his life when he was 12-years-old that made act is what brought the rapper to admit that he had never experienced racism before.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, was being interviewed on Fox Sports 1’s show Undisputed not too long ago in September when he admitted to the idiot Skip Bayless that he ‘never dealt with racism’.

Carter mentioned as a reason the fact that all his concerts were attended by a large block of white fans.

‘I thought that was clearly a message that were was no such thing as racism,’ he admitted Bayless, who’s dumbfounded look matched his dumb face. Sorry…I just don’t like Bayless, eh!

The New Orleans-born rapper found out that on social media that his comments were ‘unacceptable’, but explained on Tuesday they had to do with the man who saved his life.

Carter was just 12 years old when he by chance shot himself in the chest…he did’t go into detail. He was lying on the floor when police busted through his door, walking right over him as the looked for guns and drugs. The cops who did the stepping over were ‘blacker than me’, Carter said, but the one cop who stopped to check on the young Carter was ‘white as snow’.


Tuesday April 7, 2009
Robert Hoobler, a former New Orleans Police officer, stands in front of the apartment where Grammy-winning musician Lil’ Wayne once lived in the Hollygrove area of New Orleans. It is the same home where Hoobler carried out a bloodied Lil’ Wayne after he was shot when he was 12 years old. Hoobler saved Lil’ Wayne’s life by driving him to a nearby hospital.

Carter said the man, who was known around the hood as ‘Uncle Bob’, yelled at his fellow officers for ignoring him. He then personally drove Carter to the hospital himself.

‘(He) stood there and waited until the doctor said “He’s gonna make it” yeah, he was a cop, and my life was saved by a white man. I don’t know what racism is.’

Still Carter accepted that despite what he said Bayless on Undisputed, racism does exist, however, he repeated that when he looks out from the stage, he sees all colors.

‘It’s the world out there. It’s not a certain part or a certain kind or a certain culture or whatever of people, it’s people – those people out there in that crowd, I’m blessed to have that opportunity, so with that said I can only be honest with such a thing, I have never witnessed racism.’

Lil Wayne also told the New York Times:

I’m not that, and honestly, I don’t care. I care what’s going on with me and my kids and my world and my mom and who’s going to pay this next bill. That’s what matters to me.’

With pure honesty like this, how do you not admire the guy?

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