Rape Survivor Encourages Women to Carry a Firearm for Self-Protection

Rape Survivor Encourages Women to Carry a Firearm for Self-Protection

A rape survivor had a compelling message about guns for women, and it’s one worth sharing.

Kimberly Corban, who was brutally raped in 2006 in her apartment at the University of Northern Colorado, told the The Daily Caller Foundation that guns save lives.

The gun-rights advocate said she carries a gun because she has experienced firsthand how evil people can be.

The traumatic rape at the age of 20 changed her life in such a way that she never second-guesses herself or why she chooses to support the Second Amendment.

“I don’t carry because I worry about what could happen. I carry because I already know,” she told The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas.

Corbin has teamed up with TurningPointUSA, which launched the “Trigger Warning Campus Tour.” She not only shares her story, she also offers advice for what women can do to protect themselves.

Corbin’s motto, “being a victim is never a choice, but becoming a survivor is,” is a powerful reminder of how much citizens — men and women — can take control of their security when they are well-trained to defend themselves and their families.

Corbin, who challenged former President Barack Obama last year in his series “Guns and America,” said that someone else had already taken her power away when she was raped and owning a gun was just one way in which she could get that power back.

Corbin also spoke at CPAC 2017 about the importance of the Second Amendment, where she advocated strongly for women to learn self defense.

Take a look at her interview below:

It’s awesome that Corban is brave enough to tell her story in the hope that she can keep other women from becoming victims.

Women like Corban are the left’s worst nightmare because their message about women being able to defend themselves is a difficult one to debate — and impossible to refute.

She is right: All Americans deserve the right to defend themselves.

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