Punk Throws Brick At Man Walking Two Dogs… Gets Brutal Lesson In Respect

Punk Throws Brick At Man Walking Two Dogs Gets Brutal Lesson In Respect

When some shirtless punk overseas threw some bricks at a man walking his two dogs, he learned a brutal lesson in why you never mess with man’s best friend.

A video recording of the incident showed the shirtless punk repeatedly throwing bricks at the man, who was simply trying to walk his dogs away from what appeared to be a crowd.

After the second or third brick was thrown, one of the man’s dogs got loose and headed straight toward the punk.

The punk tried to defend himself with a weapon, but he was no match for the angry animal, which was quickly joined by the man’s other dog.

Within seconds, the punk was on the ground, getting painfully bitten all over the place, as he no doubt deserved given his horrible behavior.

The punk then pleaded for his life as the dogs’ owner tried to reign them in and stop the brutal attack (H/T Mad World News).

By the end of the video, the owner had gotten control of one dog, but the other one was still “hunting” for the shirtless punk, who was trying his best to get away.

We aren’t certain what happened after the video stopped recording, but one thing is for certain — the punk will never do that again.

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Source: conservativetribune.com