Punk Screams “F*** Donald Trump,” Urinates on Floor, Then Urinates ON Cop


A 20-year-old man who appeared to have overindulged in New Year’s Eve festivities caused a scene that can only be described as appalling.

WKMG reported that law enforcement officers approached Joseph Murphy near Disney Springs in the early hours on New Year’s Day after noticing that Murphy appeared to be intoxicated.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers placed Murphy in handcuffs for public intoxication. The officers said that Murphy reeked of alcohol, according to an Orange County affidavit.

Murphy reportedly yelled profanities at the officers while they placed him in their cruiser. Once inside, he began to hang his head against a partition while exclaiming “police brutality” in the vehicle. The affidavit also reported that Murphy even tried to choke himself while in the cruiser.

Murphy also yelled, “F*** Donald Trump!” while in custody, although the reason for his yelling that was unclear.

Upon arriving at the Orange County Jail, Murphy began urinating on the floor, according to officials. As if that weren’t enough, he also urinated on one of the trooper’s pants, leaving a large wet spot, WKMG reported — utterly embarrassing for Murphy when he realizes his face has been circulated on the internet.

Murphy faced charges of battery against an officer, indecent exposure of sexual organs and resisting an officer.

Not exactly what I would call getting the new year off to a good start.

Murphy’s behavior is just another example of some the disgusting behavior we’ve seem from Trump haters. Those on the left love to claim that they are peaceful, but we have seen countless situations where Trump haters have demonstrated they are just the opposite.

Liberals would be hard-pressed to find a Trump supporter who was so disrespectful to a police officer.

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Source: conservativetribune.com