Punk Drugs His Date’s Drink, Has No Idea Bartender Saw It and Swapped Their Glasses!


There are few words for those who are low enough to slip drugs into their date’s drink in order to sexually abuse them. They need to be locked up like the scum they are — end of story.

However, when one bartender says he saw a man drug his date’s drink, he knew he had to do something quickly. That’s when he came up with an ironic plan to take care of the sick punk.

According to the U.K. Metro, the apparent bartender posted his story to the social media app Whisper, which allows individuals to confess or say things with complete anonymity. As a result, we do not know the time or place of this incident or even, honestly, whether it really happened.

But we kind of hope it did, and not just because it’s a cool story.

When he noticed that the date-rape drug had been introduced into the woman’s drink, he observed the two, looking for the right moment. That’s when he pounced.

“I’m a bartender,” the anonymous post read. “Last night I saw a guy drug a girl’s drink.”

“When he wasn’t looking I switched the drinks. Watched the guy drug himself.”


Now, it’s worth pointing out that the right thing to do in this situation, if you can, is to call the police. After all, while authorities aren’t likely to charge you for saving someone from a rapist, you’re still saving yourself any problem with personal liability if you do so.

However, we haven’t heard of this man being charged, and we can only say that this is the perfect retribution for a sick would-be rapist.

Did he learn? We can only hope so. However, we can only hope that maybe another thug reads this post and realizes that the deck is stacked against them. Or, perhaps another bartender will read it and realize the importance of acting, and acting quick to prevent rape.

Either way, just know this: good people don’t tolerate rapists, and are going to act out against them. Please like and share if you agree.

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Source: conservativetribune.com