Public School Calls Parents to Offer Counseling Students Still Upset over Trump Win


The Los Angeles Unified School District has provided a hotline and support centers for students feeling anxious about the results of the presidential election.

The school alerted parents and teachers about the resources in a recorded call from district Superintendent Michelle King on Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

King said the goal was to address students’ worries about the impact the election might have on them and their families as well as to provide them with emotional support, a transcript of the call said.

Jenny Jerome, mom of three children in three different L.A. Unified schools, told the Times she was surprised by the call.

“No other time in history have we had to have school counselors on duty more because of the person who is supposed to be president,” she said. “I’ve seen kids acting really scared and crying.”

Board of Education President Steve Zimmer defended the hotline and other resources saying, “With emotions running high, our schools will continue to be the anchors of our neighborhoods.”

(Ed. note — That, of course, shows you the problem right there. Families and places of worship are the anchors of neighborhoods, not government-funded institutions run by career-minded bureaucrats.)

Support centers located in district offices will be staffed by district workers from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays according to the LAUSD website.

After the election, the school board voted that Los Angeles public schools were “safe zones” for students in the U.S. illegally, and these resources are an extension of the district’s intention to support its students, including illegal immigrants.

The liberal LAUSD is publicly undermining the incoming president with this so-called “support,” however. They’re paid with tax dollars, but they are disregarding the will of the people. Conservatives would never react to losing an election by setting up post-election resources for those who were anxious about the results.

Additionally, only a liberal organization would cater to the emotional needs of special snowflake students who believe they need a safe space from everything they deem offensive or wrong.

The more frightening thing is the fact that these students may never learn that losing is a part of life.

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