Protester Gives the Cops the Bird and Immediately Gets Shot and Taken Down

Protester Gives the Cops the Bird and Immediately Gets Shot and Taken Down

A female protester on the streets of Portland, Oregon, got a painful lesson about the hazards of disrespecting law officers and not following orders.

The woman was marching during the liberal city’s “Not My Presidents Day” protest Monday when she approached officers in riot gear and began flipping them the middle finger. The police knocked her to the ground, but apparently that wasn’t enough of a warning to back down.

With the aid of other protesters, the woman got up and was back in their faces raising her middle fingers again. Not too keen on her persistence, one officer fired a couple of rubber bullets into her torso at close range, the Oregonian reported.

Video coverage of the scene showed the woman knocked off her feet:

Here’s the incident from other angle:

Sgt. Pete Simpson, a police spokesman, defended the officers’ response as necessary to keeping the peace before things got out of hand.

“We would much prefer things were different,” he told the Oregonian. “But we’re sort of forced to be there now because of the aggressive nature of the, ‘We’re going to show up, we’re going to block streets, we’re going to shut the city down’ attitude.”

The Portland Observer reported that 13 arrests were made. One of those arrests happened to be a senior citizen, who ended up with a broken nose after a scuffle with police.

This protester hit with rubber bullets is an excellent example of what is wrong with liberals. They want to go around chanting things like “love trumps hate,” yet they behave like this when police come in and try to keep the peace.

She deserved getting smacked down after repeated warnings to back away.

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