Prosecutor in Freddie Gray Case Tweets Photo Showing She Broke Election Rules


The prosecutor who waged a crusade to punish Baltimore police officers she felt broke the law has herself been shown to violate Maryland’s election rules in a photo she shared on social media.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby posted to Twitter an image that appeared to be taken at a voting booth. The image showed one of her daughters looking over a blank ballot and holding a pen in her right hand.

Making no secret of her loyalties, Mosby wrote “We Voted Today” and “#We’reWithHer,” and tagged Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the post, which was later deleted.

Mosby violated Maryland rules in taking the picture. Voters can’t take photos anywhere inside a polling location, let alone inside their ballot booth.

Maryland even goes one step further by banning cell phones, pagers, cameras or computer equipment from a polling place.

“It’s not allowed,” said Nikki Baines Charlson, deputy administrator of elections for Maryland. “Voters can’t use electronic devices in the polling place. When you’re outside the voting room, that’s fine. When you enter the room, all electronic devices need to be put away.”

However, Mosby will not have to worry about being prosecuted herself. The ban against doing what Mosby shared with the world is a regulation with no fine for breaking it.

It’s not clear from the picture if Mosby’s daughter was posing or actually voting. If she was voting, that is a violation of Maryland law, which allows children to accompany their parents, but not to participate in the voting process.

Mosby’s action comes at a time when courts in several states have thrown out requests to amend laws to allow ballot selfies.

Mosby was the prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case, in which several Baltimore officers were charged after Freddie Gray, a prisoner, died in the back of a police van. After several officers were found not guilty, the rest of the charges were dropped.

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