Propane Dealer Who Refused To Deliver to Trump Supporters Busted for Not Being Licensed


Liberals often describe themselves as being open-minded and tolerant, but following the unexpected victory of President-elect Donald Trump, far too many have revealed themselves to be closed-minded and intolerant of those who don’t share their ideology.

Such was the case recently with a propane dealer in Maine, Michael Turner, who left a message on his business voicemail informing his customers that he would no longer be delivering propane tanks to them if they had voted for Trump, according to The Gateway Pundit.

The fact that he would even consider allowing his political opponents to freeze in the harsh Maine winter drew considerable backlash and negative attention — although how he would have known who voted from Trump in the first place called his entire plan into question — which he maybe should have considered before issuing the divisive statement to begin with.

According to the Portland Press Herald, all of the attention on Turner’s business has also revealed something else: Turner no longer holds the requisite licenses to operate his business.

A search of records at the Maine Fuel Board revealed that Turner LP Gas Service in Skowhegan had been operating without a license for a couple of years. In fact, Turner’s license to deliver propane tanks expired in 2012, and his license to dispense the gas expired in 2014.

Obviously it is not only illegal to operate a business such as this without a license, but also a huge safety risk, as there are a number of safety provisions and protocols to which he must adhere in order to qualify for it.

“A license ensures that a licensee meets standards established in Maine law and rules,” explained Doug Dunbar, spokesman for the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. “Fuels can be volatile, so requirements have been created. In order to receive a propane and natural gas technician’s license, an applicant must take a national training program.”

Turner, who could have renewed his licenses at any time, could face disciplinary actions and fines for operating without a license.

However, it may all be a moot point now, as reported that Turner announced he will be retiring from the business at the end of the year.

As to the comments he has received, Turner stated, “I’d like to thank everyone who has called to support me. And to the haters, I’d like to say, ‘Merry Christmas.’”

This must be beyond embarrassing, but it’s just the latest example of liberals losing face after the election by lashing out without having their own house in order.

False accounts of hate crimes, the ridiculous and expensive recount effort that lost votes for Democrats, the failed effort to disrupt the Electoral College vote, and the myriad foolish-looking protesters and vandals have only served to strengthen and increase support for Trump.

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